Monday, September 03, 2012

I Can Name That Tune in One Chord

So, the Words with Friends enchantment having slightly worn off (I still play, and enjoy, it, but with a little less the level of endorphin-squirting excitement I had originally), my new smart phone game addiction is the achingly simple Name That Tune knock-off SongPop. The premise is as basic as they come - guess 5 songs in a selected genre (with the available genres able to be expanded the more you win) as quickly as possible. Send your times to your opponent and see if they can beat them. They then send you a round. And so on.

What I have found fascinating about this experience in just over a week of play is how easy it is to cross brain neurons in an attempt to be really quick on the trigger. The game is multiple choice, and in trying to choose the right answer in, in the best of all worlds, less than a second (my best stands at .7 seconds; not sure if I'll ever get that down more, dependent as it is on basic reaction times), it is very easy to make the wrong connection, only realizing its obvious wrongness too late.

So I'll hear something I know and hit the button for an artist I know, and only after hitting the button realize the wrongness of the choice. It can get pretty infuriating. Especially when you play people who seem to have better-behaved neurons.

My favorite moment from this first infatuation period was when I (finally) earned* enough coins to purchase the Movie Soundtrack genre I had been eyeing and then got as one clue "Theme from Jurassic Park," which I nailed with just one chord. That was cool.

Until Whenever

*You can also buy coins with actual, real money to get genres, but seriously? I wasn't about to spring for the full version**, you think I'm going to pay money to get more genres? Come on.

**I'm a little cheap sometimes.

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Roger Owen Green said...

my problem is that there are so many remakes, I DON'T always hear it correctly. I remember the TV show Name That Tune; I was TERRIBLE at it, because it was not the version I knew.