Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Where'd I Put That Cane?

A post over at A List of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago about the 10th anniversary of The Matrix made me realize that, hey, Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace came out (almost) 10 years ago. I suddenly feel very, very old.

I still remember seeing this first trailer, on Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood. I remember taping it so that I could show some friends, since the insta-trailer world of the Internet wasn't real yet.

Damn. Now I'm going to have to watch this soon.

Until Whenever


bill said...

Old, I'll give ya old. I saw the first (or idea how I'm supposed to refer to these things) in the theater. But only after it had been out for a few months AND I insisted on seeing "Gray Lady Down" first.

bill said...

Oops, misremembered. Just checked the dates, no way I saw "Gray Lady Down" first. How am I supposed to remember things that far back?