Friday, April 03, 2009

Doin' the Friday Shuffle

1. "A Well Fed Man" - The Kinks - Juno
One of those songs I know without knowing I know. Didn't recognize the title at all.

2. "Wiggly Wiggly Christmas" - The Wiggles - Wiggly Wiggly Christmas
An original Christmas tune from those Australian geniuses.

3. "Kiss Me Kate - Corrective Casting (Jerry and Liza)" Cole Porter and Gerard Allessandri - Fordibben Broadway Strikes Back
In an older FB edition they did a parody song spurred by rumors of a revival starring Mandy Patinkin and Bernadette Peters. Here they up the ante.

4. "All Because of You" - U2 - Live from Under the Brooklyn Bridge
A great early promo rendition of one of the most overt rockers in the U2 canon.

5. "Sehr begalich - Soprano Solo - Mahler
A bit of Mahler lieber. This stuff comes on the symphony CDs but in all honesty I never listen to it.

6. "Castle on the Hill" - Danny Elfman - Edward Scissorhands
Classic Elfman. I never remember to listen to this score - I should more often.

7. "You Angel You" - Bob Dylan - Planet Waves
Just got this and haven't absorbed it yet.

8. "Nobody's Got the Gun" - Mark Knopfler - Golden Heart
A sweet and shuffling Knopfler tune.

9. "Morning Sun" - Echo and the Bunnymen
Got this on a mix, and it wasn't a song that made it through the culling process. I probably only listened to it once or twice.

10. "Tombstone Blues" - Ritchie Havens - I'm Not Here
A very nice acoustic cover by the old folkie of the classic Dylan tune.

Until Whenever

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