Monday, February 09, 2009

Ten TV Things That Made Me Grin Recently


1. Smash calls Mama Smash "Mommy" when he gets into college on Friday Night Lights
2. Smash thanks Coach Taylor for all he's done on Friday Night Lights
3. Reading that FX might do a TV show based on Brian Michael Bendis' Powers comic
4. The 13th time Adama reacted to a shock or threat with stone-faced hard-assery on Battlestar Galactica.
5. Seeing young Rousseou (sp?) on Lost
6. Seeing Jin on Lost
7. Bill Hendrickson has a moral epiphany and realizes that the prophet must be put down on Big Love
8. U2 does "Get On your Boots" for the first time live on the Grammys

9. Radiohead does a remarkable version of "15 steps" with full marching band (minus the actual marching) the Grammys

10. Matt and his mother kind-of-sort-of bond on Friday Night Lights

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