Friday, February 06, 2009


As I posted about a few weeks back, we've entered the world of hi-def. 40inch Samsung, 720p, Hi-Def cable. and it's great. But, man, do you get spoiled quickly.

A few weeks back I started watching I Am Legend (which was, for the first 45 minutes I got through, anyway, much better than I expected.) on HBO OnDemand. Last night, I went back to the OnDemand site to call the movie back up. And it was only then that I realized that there is no HD on HBO OnDemand. It's all SD. And, to tell the truth, I was almost amused at how little I wanted to see it. Now, I know that SD actually looks worse on an HD screen than it does on a tube set. The HD reveals the poor image quality more than the tube did. But still, it was comical how greedy I'd ('ve) gotten about HD. I watch almost no SD anymore, after 34 some-odd years of watching nothing but. Which also means I'll have to DVR Big Love and other HBO Shows - I used to count on the OnDemand site to get me stuff I missed.

It's a hard-knock life, no doubt.

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R.A. Porter said...

I remember when we first paired our rear projector-style HD tv with an HD signal from the satellite. For a few weeks we watched a lot of...weird stuff just to keep mostly watching HD.

I mean, I watched Steel during that period.

Eventually, it became a little less imperative and we were able to start watching based on the content of the broadcast again. Hopefully you get there soon.

Tosy And Cosh said...

We're pretty much there now. Just the OnDemand stuff, really - all 12 regular HBOs are in HD