Thursday, May 22, 2008

This Fall, on . . .

Time again to take a look at what the networks will be offering in the fall and try and predict what I will be watching.

The CBS lineup we've been enjoying for a few years now is largely intact, with one new sitcom, Worst Week, which sounds pretty limited (man tries to impress fiance's parents and keeps messing up - Meet the Parents the series?) Will DVR Sarah Conner since it was interesting enough this season. Will likely give up on Heroes completely, since the truth is that I simply do not enjoy it.

Will keep with House, which is always entertaining at the least, and since we both like Lost we might give Fringe a try. The Selma Blair/Molly Shannon sitcom sounds interesting, but we never seem to stick with half hour shows that are amidst other stuff we don't watch. Why that should be, in DVD-land, I don't know.

Very much looking forward to the return of Pushing Daisies, which was my favorite of last year's new shows., and no one is pushing us away from the Criminal Minds-CSI: NY block. I like Minds fine but don't enjoy the other really - but the wife likes it, so there you are.

Sticking with Earl, The office, and 30 Rock, and will probably watch the last ER lap. Will try and DVR Life on Mars though, since the drama, about a cop who may or may not have time-travelled to the 70s, sounds interesting.

Will see what the Crusoe promos look like. Otherwise nada.

Will try and catch The Simpsons.

Until Whenever


bill said...

Did you catch "Life" on NBC last year? Probably my favorite new show and it'll be on Friday this fall.

Tosy And Cosh said...

I didn't - heard good things. Assuming they do the "release on DVD before Season 2 to create interest" I might check it out.

Roger Green said...

You were right. Scrubs as a mid-season replacement on the alphabet.