Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Idle Dreams

Lefty passes along a simple and elegant meme on his blog, a meme taken from his wife: Name ten things you'd like to learn to do. OK:

1. Play guitar. I can fumble my way through some very basic chords, but I'd love to be able to play enough chords capably enough to play and write some songs.

2. Play piano. See the sentences after "play guitar." Copy and paste.

3. Run a marathon. (Well, not learn exactly. I know how.) I ran cross country in high school and keep imagining that I'll get back to it someday.

4. Ski. Looks awfully fun.

5. Hike. Again, I know how, but I'd like to learn enough about it to do it for real, to climb some of those small mountains in New Hampshire the wife and I love so much.

6. Cook. I can grill a steak and make some tasty meatballs and sauce, but that's about it.

7. Do that "walk the coin across your knuckles" thing. That's awesome.

8. Write speeches. This is a professional thing - I'm a business writer by trade, and have dabbled in speech writing, but would love to learn more about it.

9. Swim. I technically can swim, but get tired very quickly. Would like to learn to do it properly.

10. Enough simple magic tricks to delight my kids and their friends.

Until Whenever

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