Thursday, May 03, 2007

Gilmore No More

According to Alan Sepinwall, the CW has officially announced that Gilmore Girls will end with the season finale. The rumored short season eight will not be happening after all. I know many fans are actually happy about this, given their lack of respect for the Sherman-Palladino-less seventh season. But as I have said, I've found this season, if less than great, consistently enjoyable, and I suspect that this news will make the last few episodes somewhat less satisfying than they would have been, not as artfully conceived a capper to seven seasons as they would have been.

Until Whenever


Roger Green said...

I'm actually at least one episode behind, but I loved the framework (in the hay maze) whereby Luke and Laura (I mean Lorelei) could get back together. That said, I will be OK when it ends. Yet, I do love these characters.

Tosy And Cosh said...

I misses the post-maze episode but saw this week's, which was very good. I'm just a bit bummed that they'll be rushing through the tying up of loose ends so quickly.