Monday, December 18, 2006

A Cast of Thousands . . .

I typically have no interest in videos, but the new U2 video for the "Window in the Skies" single had me wowed. The concept is utter simplicity - cut a cavalcade of performance video of seemingly every important popular music figure of the twentieth century, using select careful editing to make it appear as if all of these people are singing and playing the U2 song. The execution is great and the editing a masterwork of timing and precision. But the video did raise for me some questions:

1) How long before someone gripes about whatever big artist they didn't include? There have to be hundreds represented here, but I'm sure someone'll be upset about someone who was overlooked.

2) How long before someone deliberately misreads the video to be all about how every great artist of the 20th century really just wanted to do a U2 song?

Until Whenever

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