Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Their Most Triumphant Return!!!

Or something like that. Tosy and Cosh return, well, not quite rested (major life events enjoyed/endured over the hiatus have included a heart attack for a family member, a wedding for a sibling, and a new home purchase for me and the family). But we are back. And, as is our wont, we return with a quiz, as supplied - as they are often supplied - by our good friend Jaquandor over at the indispensable Byzantium's Shores. With no further ado:

1. A month before it happens you're told you're going to lose your memory. How do you prepare for it and do you attempt to regain what you've lost?
While I would certainly prepare for it, I'm not sure how I could possibly prepare for something so world-shattering. After all, to try and record even a tiny fraction of "everything" in a month would be like trying to empty a lake with a butter knife. And it would be time away from the people you'd soon be forgetting.

2. How do you describe your outlook on life?
To quote the very underrated philosopher John Mellencamp: "I know a lot of things, but I do not know a lot of other things. Yeah, yeah, yeah."

3. You fall in love with your soulmate, decide to get married, and then find out that person is going to die soon. Do you marry them anyway?
Of course. Why wouldn't you? Isn't a month, a week, a day of such a committed vow worth it?

4. What are three of your favorite ice cream toppings?
Chocolate chips. Whipped cream. Chocolate sauce. Very traditional, am I.

5. Is there one article of clothing you love to wear no matter how out of style it is?
No. There really isn't any article of clothing I "love to wear," period. I simply don't care about clothes much.

6. Is there one color you wish would go away in fashion?
I couldn't name a color in fashion, never mind form an opinion over which one should be wished away.

7. What's the first department you head to when you go shopping in a department store?
Electronics. Look at the toys.

8. How far away do you live from your parents?
Currently, five miles or so. When we move to the new house alluded to above, that'll decrease to less than a mile. What can I say? I like my hometown.

9. Growing up, who was your favorite cartoon character?
Spider-Man. I lived for Spider-Man cartoons. For me, it was mostly Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, which I watched with uncommon zeal. And yet even the little, faithful, zombie-like Spider-Man child I was knew that the rec room that converted into a computer-laden secret headquarters was hella-lame.

10. You plan a romantic evening and everything goes wrong, including the fancy dinner you burned. What do you do?
To the restaurant we go!

11. What's the last thing you bought at the store?
Any store? Ice cream for the wife and I. Dairy Queen - a peanut butter cup Blizzard for her and a cherry vanilla milk shake for me.

12. Have you ever walked out in the middle of a movie?

13. What celebrity do most people say you look like?
When I was young, it was Matthew Broderick. Now, it's Matthew Broderick if he were far too fond of ice cream.

14. Is there any piece of jewelry you always wear?
Wedding ring - also the only piece of jewelry I've ever worn.

15. Have you ever tried to pick someone up?
No - wouldn't have the foggiest notion of how to go about it. The few times I've worked up the nerve to ask women out it's always been over elaborately manufactured pretenses. I didn't ask my wife out for the first time by just asking if she wanted to go out no, no no. I asked her to go see the new Indiana Jones movie, since we had, months before, talked about how she had never seen the first two, and how that was something that simply had to be remedied. That way if she said no, it wasn't a rejection of me, but of Indiana Jones. Clever, no? No? No.

16. What's the one thing you always manage to lose on your way out the door?
Not one thing, but a different thing every damn time.

17. Out of these creatures which one are you most afraid of: A.) Snakes B.) Spiders C.) Rodents
Rodents. A mouse in the basement freaks me out like a Fifties housewife in heels and pearls. Once, when I worked in a grocery store, I grabbed a open bag of cookies from the back room with the intention of eating one. A mouse popped its little head out of the bag at me and I damn near had a heart attack.

18. What's the last gift you bought for a friend?
My friends and I don't buy each other gifts. We're not gay (he said in a self-mocking voice).

19. Do you ever buy people things for no reason?
Rarely. But I burn CDs for people unprompted often.

20. What's your favorite way to spend a lazy summer afternoon?
On a beach with a great book and great tunes and family and some good snacking food. Have fun and swim. Gorgeous.

Until Whenever

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Roger Owen Green said...

Well, to quote another pop philosopher, John Sebastian, "Welcome back."