Friday, September 08, 2006

Doin' the Friday Shuffle

1. "Walk On (Live)" - U2 - America: A Tribute to Heroes
A nicely understated, yet still energetic, rendition of of one my favorite U2 songs.

2. "All Things Bright and Beautiful" - Mandy Patinkin - Sings Sondheim
A live recording of Patinkin's Sondheim concert, with just Paul Ford on piano as accompaniment. A hushed and sweetly-sad nostalgic take on the song.

3. "Temptation" - Elvis Costello - Get Happy!
Elvis cranking out some old-school rock/soul stuff. Great bass line on this one.

4. "Viva Las Vegas" - Bruce Springsteen - The Essential Bruce Springsteen
An energetic, fun live take on the Elvis cheesefest.

5. "Fragile" - Sting - America: A Tribute to Heroes
A mournful take on the one Sting song that has the best shot of lasting for the long haul.

6. "The Twelve Days of Christmas" - Roger Whitaker - A Time-Life Christmas
Cheese all the way. Kids singing and the whole nine yards.

7. "Tropical Storm" - John Adams - Nixon in China
Adams takes a page from Britten's Peter Grimes score and applies his repetitive minimalist style to the musical evocation of a wild tropical storm.

8. "I Made a Fist" - Frank Loesser - The Most Happy Fella (2000 Studio Cast)
The heretofore-milquetoast, eternally happy Herman has his moment of truth when he decks a cowhand to protect his love's honor.

9. "Scene: The Ballroom" - Marsha Norman and Lucy Simon - The Secret Garden (Original Broadway Cast)
Mary meets her new guardian, her imposing and aloof uncle Archibald, for the first time.

10. "Rook: - XTC - Nonsuch
XTC indulging perhaps a tad too much in the dramatic declamatory piano chord.

Until Whenever


Lefty said...

You and me are going to have to email each other, because I want to get some of these harder to find U2 songs/versions. Do you happen to have the Roy Orbison/U2 song that Bono wrote for Roy? I have it on the way from

Tosy And Cosh said...

I don't, but I'd be up for some trading!

Roger Owen Green said...

Lefty (and Tosy) - I would have just burned that Orbison song for youse guys.