Monday, May 01, 2006

It Lives!

Sorry. Real world got a bit overgrown for a while there, as is its wont, but it's been hacked back to a manageable size, for the nonce, at least, so here I am.

What's I miss?

Let's catch up.

Glad to see Kelly gone.

And I was right--my will to watch American Idol this season is directly proportional to the interest I have in the night's theme. Queen? Yes. Standards? Yes. Bad love songs? No.

No, this does not bode well for how tomorrow's show (songs from the year you were born and current top ten hits).

Never watched Star Trek, in any incarnation, so not too worked up about the news du jour.

Finally saw Brokeback Mountain--extremely well done, and a fine example of the art of taking a short story and adapting it into a movie while neither quelling the strengths it had in the first place nor overenhancing it to the point of non-recognition.

David Copperfield sleigh-of-handing his way out of a robbery is comedy gold.

The Palladinos leaving Gilmore Girls is bad news, on the same level as Sorkin leaving The West Wing was. But yes, I'll still watch next year.

I'd like to see United 93.

I almost never see movies in the theater anymore, so I probably won't.

Until Whenever

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