Wednesday, May 03, 2006

And the Living Is Easy

Since the birth of my twin girls a little over two years ago, my movie-going habit has dwindled to nearly nothing. Nowadays, like many folks, I get see most of my movies through DVD, and not on the big screen. So all the annual previews of the summer's big flicks, which used to be required reading for me, are less interesting, less compelling, than they used to be. Still. I would like to see a film or two this summer. So let's see what's coming shall we? I'll rate my interest in each film by giving the odds I'll be seeing it in the theater.

Mission: Impossible III - Saw the first and remember nothing about it. Didn't, and have/had no desire to, see the second. But JJ Abrams has me curious. Is he the real deal? How much of Lost's deliciousness is his doing, and how much not? Color me curious. 1/6

Poseidon - The trailer actually looks pretty good, but let's face it. This is a summer with a new Superman film that I will quite possibly not get out to see. 1/50

The DaVinci Code - This film actually will get bumped up on the "likelihood of seeing in the theater" scale, in that it's that rare film that the wife and I might have an interest in. I like Hanks a lot, and McKellan is a genius, and Ron Howard always does good, solid work. And I haven't read the book, so the story's twists and turns will be a surprise. 1/4

Over the Hedge - My girls are only two, so these kid-friendly films aren't that enticing yet. 1/100

X-Men: The Last Stand - I loved the first two, and thought that the trailers for this one were actually pretty promising, Ratner-bashing be damned. Probably tops on my list for the summer. 1/2

The Break Up - Another wife-skewing entry. We both like Vaughn and Aniston a lot actually, and the premise/execution looks promising. 1/4

Cars - As a fan of all things Pixar, and as someone who has yet to be disappointed, I'll definitely see this. But this comic book/superhero geek didn't see The Incredibles until it was on DVD, so I'd be very surprised to catch this in a theater. 1/10

Prairie Home Companion - Looks interesting, but definitely a DVD. 1/100

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. - Zero interest. 1/1,000

Nacho Libre - I still haven't seen Napoleon Dynamite, but I do like Jack Black a lot. 1/25

Superman Returns - The just-released trailer looks great, although I still find the casting odd. If the premise is that Superman left after Superman II, and Lois had a baby, and this film is several years later, then why do Superman and Lois look younger than Kidder and Reeves? And I can't help but see Lois Lane and lament that the perfect-for-the-part (and age-appropriate) Lauren Graham wasn't cast. Still. It's Superman. 1/3

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - Only saw the first half of the first one. DVD. 1/40

Lady in the Water - Very intrigued, but I still haven't caught up with Signs or The Village. I did like The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable very much though. And Giamatti is great; I'm very happy to see him in a lead role. 1/10

My Super Ex-Girlfriend - Superhero/rom-com meld? I should be very interested, but something feels flat here. 1/50

Miami Vice -Zero interest. 1/100

Apocalypto - I love Mel Gibson as a director, and the whole secrecy behind this has me maddeningly curious. 1/4

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby - Will Ferrell in NASCAR comedy is promising, but DVD'll do her. 1/75

World Trade Center - Curiosity factor is high, but this is still pretty down on my must-see list. 1/20

Until Whenever


Overworm said...

You have got to see Signs and The Village. As a parent (also expecting another during the height of the summer movie season) I feel your pain when it comes to seeing movies.

But if you really like movies, and you make the time to see anything on DVD (or watch any tv for that matter) you really should slide these two movies in the player. I waited a long time to see them and when I did, I regretted not seeing them earlier.


Tosy And Cosh said...

I'd like to see them both, it's just a matter of what to bump in the DVD queue over at Blockbuster. Finishing Battlestar Galactica 2.0 now, and when I send that back, plan to start up West Wing Season Six, interspersed among Good Night and Good Luck, Match Point, and Munich, to name just three recent films that I didn't see and want to. Also want to start season one of Deadwood and The Wire, and finally start season two of Angel, and . . .

I need to be independently wealthy, so that I don't have to waste so much time, you know, working.

Overworm said...

I just finished seasons 1 & 2 of Battlestar Galactica. That was some enjoyable serialized television viewing!

You've picked a good time to begin season one of Deadwood, because season two is to be released in two weeks. I caught season one on DVD last year. That show grabbed my wife and me from the first half of the first episode, and we zipped through the DVDs.

I'm trying to resolve that independent wealth issue as well. That's a tough nut to crack, puzzle to solve, or whatever metaphor you choose.

Good luck,