Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Trio of Jeter

I'm cribbing from Mark Evanier here, but he reminded me of just how missed Michael Jeter is.

this first video is something I've been hoping would pop up on YouTube as soon as I learned about YouTube. It finally has. Michael Jeter, in addition to being a gifted actor and clown, with an empathy and warmth that radiated with the intensity of a thousand suns, could sing.

Here, he acquits himself wonderfully in his Tony-winning role in Grand Hotel.

And here, he gives perhaps the most moving acceptance award I've ever seen.

Until Whenever

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Anonymous said...

In an unfortunate twist, there are two people named Jeter. One of them, an actor, named Michael Jeter, got AIDS, and the other, a police officer, named Michelle Jeter, a female version of Michael Jeter, got beaten in the line of duty.