Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Random Top Ten!

Random Top Ten!

Top Ten Aimee Mann Songs

Note: I still do not have all of Man's albums - this Top Ten is culled from Bachelor #2, Lost in Space, the Magnolia soundtrack, and The Forgotten Arm. (I do have her Christmas album, One More Drifter in the Snow, but none of those tracks made the cut.

10. "Goodbye Caroline"- The Forgotten Arm
Uptempo for Mann, with an angry/regretful chorus.

9. "Red Vines" - Bachelor No. 2
Not sure what to make of the drum machine-sounding percussion, but this has a soaring, indelible chorus.

8. "Nothing Is Good Enough" - Bachelor No. 2
I love the carnival-like oom-pah beat of the accompaniment.

7. "Dear John" - The Forgotten Arm
A great opening salvo in a concept album that tells a story. "Cotton candy was king on the Midway that Spring." could be the first sentence of a short story.

6. "Deathly" - Bachelor No. 2
That great opening line inspired a scene and a bit of dialogue in Magnolia. "Now that I've met you/Would you object to?Never seeing each other again?"

5. "It Takes All Kinds" - Bachelor No. 2
Gently shuffling and sweet - I love the interjected "la-la"s.

4. "Driving Sideways" - Bachelor No. 2
A great metaphor for a life out of control.

3. "You Do" - Bachelor No. 2
Enchanting. Especially that simple little figure that reoccurs after the "you do"s.

2. "Save Me" - Magnolia
That basic one-two rhythm gets in your head.

1. "Wise Up" - Magnolia
The use of this song in the film, with each member of the cast singing along with Mann on the soundtrack, a line or two in succession is remarkably moving. One of the saddest, most moving songs I know.

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Tom the Dog said...

My favorite of her albums is one you don't have -- I'm With Stupid. I highly recommend it, especially standout tracks "Superball" and "Long Shot."