Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Random Top Ten

Random Top Ten!!

Top Ten Tracy Chapman Songs

10. "Matters of the Heart" - One of Chapman's few longer songs, this one is anchored by an almost Caribbean, insistent acoustic riff. Does a nice job of very slowly building over its length.

9. "Across the Lines" - It may be a bit too on-the-nose in crying out against racial tensions, but sometimes directness works very, very well. "Little black girl gets assaulted. Know one knows her name. Lots of people hurt and angry, she's the one to blame."

8. "This Time" - A wonderful Spanish-sounding acoustic guitar run is used to great effect here. A wonderfully structured song.

7. "If Not Now" - Reflective and sad, with a wonderful use of acoustic guitar and piano.

6. "Open Arms" - An almost rambling, joyous song, with a simple central motif that runs up and down the scale like a happy child running up and down grassy hills.

5. "Talkin' About a Revolution" - Classic Tracy.

4. "Behind the Wall" - Her starkest and most dramatic song. Solo acappela vocals drenched in regret and pain singing a song about domestic violence. "Last night I heard the screaming. Loud voices behind the wall. Another sleepless night for me, it won't do no good to call the police. Always come late if they come at all."

3. "Short Supply" - I love the energy, the fresh, crisp, clean exuberance of this song about not squandering the good things in life, which after all, come in short supply."

2. "Fast Car" - The lynchpin to which she always will be compared and worthy of every ounce of its classic status.

1. "For You" - A delicate, fragile figure picked out on an acoustic guitar and gently hushed, confessional singing. One of the most heartbreakingly beautiful songs I have ever heard.

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Kevin T said...

I am a huge Tracy Chapman fan and it was difficult for me to pick my top 10. I selected the following as my favorites because of their uniqueness and the bold daring style that you come to expect from Tracy Chapman who is not afraid to cross any lines.

1 - Don't Dwell
2 - At This Point In My Life
3 - Mountains O' Things
4 - The Love That You Had
5 - Fast Car
6 - Across the lines
7 - Tell it like it is
8 - Smoke and Ashes
9 - Talkin' Bout A Revolution
10- Unsung Psalm

Anonymous said...

totally agree with comments about being a top soul artist up there with thegoddesses of soul

Anonymous said...

Hey guys what about "Baby can I hold you tonight"... I can't believe it's on neither on your list

mandolin picks said...

Tracy Chapman is a legend! I have been listening to his song since I was a child. I couldn’t rank any of his songs in any order because they are just too wonderful. I have a favorite though, Fast Car, a song that should be in everybody’s list. It taught me that life is not just lollipop and rainbows, that there are still a lot of challenges ahead for the lot of us, but we should never give up! Thanks for this list!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to break it to you mandolin picks but Tracy Chapman is a woman :)

Unknown said...

We often rate songs based on how they affect or touches our personal life or emotions. In terms of meaning, tracy's songs are very meaningful especially if you can imagine things. But as for me, what I appretiate most abt her is consistency;lots of musicians sing nice songs once a while, but tracy is consistent with her songs. All been said,it will b very hard to place one song above or ahead of another, but for personal reasons, these are my favourite.
1. All that you have is your soul
2. I'm ready
3. Cold feet
4. Fast car (ofcourse.. Who won't like fast car:D)
5. Crossroad (I wonder how your list does not have this.. Anyways, taste defers)
6. Remember the tinman
7.Short supply (its really unfair to put this song on n0.7, but its my list;))
8. This time
9. At this point in my life
10. Baby, can I hold you tonight (I really dnt understand this song.. But I like the flow all the same)