Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Random Top Ten

Random Top Ten!!

Top Ten Overtures

10. 110 in the Shade - Sprightly, Copland-esque Americana with bright brass and seeping strings.

9. The Most Happy Fella - Grandly romantic.

8. The Light in the Piazza - A light, sweeping, yet lush overture.

7. My Fair Lady - Hits all the right notes.

6. Man of La Mancha - Best use of acoustic guitar in an overture (or musical).

5. Carousel - An "overture" that features no melodies from the show but that stands on its own as a gorgeous piece of music that still manages to anticipate for us the themes and melodic structures coming. Genius.

4. Jesus Christ Superstar - Love that ominous organ hum and sinister guitar melody at the beginning, and how at the end the triumphant announcement of the "Jesus Christ Superstar" theme is immediately hushed by spooky, distant choral voices.

3. Candide - A perfect morsel of gaiety and fun for an orchestra. This gets done by orchestras all the time.

2. Merrily We Roll Along - Like a slap to the face, an adrenalin shot of energy.

1. Gypsy - The gold standard. Styne was truly inspired on this score and it's signaled by this brassy piece of beauty.

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