Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer TV Questions

It occurs to me that watching TV this summer has raised many questions for me. Maybe you can give me some answers! So:
  • How many witness protection charges would a Federal Marshall in Albuquerque realistically have? If In Plain Sight keeps up the pace of a new witness every episode, how quickly will it become (or has it already) unrealistic for her to have so many witnesses to keep track of?
  • How much of David Hasselhoff's cheesy cheerleading on America's Got Talent is real and how much manufactured for the cameras?
  • Was the 15-month jump on Mad Men necessary? It really seemed like the TV-standard three months had passed between seasons, not a year-plus.
  • Given the insane amount of coverage and marketing in play, how is it at all possible that NBC will make money on the Olympics? Where does all the money for the Olympics themselves come from? Are judges paid? Others who work events?
  • Is there really a reality competition show about dogs, or did I hallucinate that?

Until Whenever


R.A. Porter said...

Last year, I read an interview with Matt Weiner where he indicated his plan was to jump about two years each season so he could cover the whole of the '60s in a five-year run.

I figure this season will make it through the Cuban Missile crisis if nothing else. Next season would then be the really interesting one, society-wise, with the aftermath of the Kennedy assassination, the impact of the British invasion, etc.

bill said...

Welcome back!

Regards Hasselhoff, I think the cheerleading is fake to help cover up the simmering homophobia.

Roger Green said...

There's TV in the summer? I thought it was just reruns. Oops, it's not 1968 anymore.

Yeah, there IS something with dogs. Since I tape 60 Minutes to watch that odd segment I might have missed, I see the ads all of the time.

Tosy And Cosh said...

r.a. - very smart - and that does explain why the 15 months weren't made more of a big deal; it's not about the immediate story but the arc of the series

bill - thanks. Something about him bugs me deeply, I know that much.

Roger - What's next? A goldfish competition?