Monday, August 14, 2006

Even More Answers

These come from Anonymous:

1. What band that you haven't seen in concert would you most like to see?
Radiohead. There aren't many bands/artists that I have a deep enough interest in to warrant the expense and time of seeing live (for me, a concert in which I don't know most of the songs already is an exercise in tedium--the simple fact is that I just don't "get" music on a first listen), and most of the ones I do I already have. I've seen U2, John Mellencamp, Sting, Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Tracy Chapman, Paul Simon, Pete Townsend - but never Radiohead. And from their one commercially released live CD, I'd quite like to--there are a few songs on that that I like MUCH better than the recorded versions.

1a. What band that no longer exists do you wish you had been there for (like for instance the Beatles at Shea or the Cavern Club)?
Easy - The Who, complete with Moon pounding away like a lunatic. Their live recordings give a sense of the energy and thick meatiness of their live playing - I can only imagine what it was like to actually be at a Who concert in their prime.

2. What book would you like to see made into a movie?
I'm going to cheat a little and pick Garth Ennis' epic of filth, profanity, blasphemy, and wonder, Preacher. This was a 80-some-odd issue comic book series, though, that told one long, cohesive story over those issues, so what I would simply love to see would be an HBO series faithfully taking all that material and playing with it. Five or six seasons should be enough to get in all that Preacher-y goodness, I think.

3. What question would you ask Stephen King if you could?
"Where do you get your ideas?" (I kid.) King is pretty open with his fans and about his process, so there's no big obvious question for me. I am very curious about why he hasn't decided to actually script the Dark Tower comic he's working on (he's just plotting), and would love to ask him why he declined to write it entirely himself.

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