Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Silly Parlor Game

Michael Slezak at PopWatch has an interesting little question up now regarding the rest of 2006's slate of films. Noting that Movie City News has already put out a list of the 20 leading contenders for Best Picture, he asks readers to decide, were they limited to seeing just three of them, which three they would be. My choices?

Dreamgirls (Big, brass musical about a thinly disguised Supremes) - I'm a musical theater fan, sure, but I've never seen Dreamgirls, nor do I know the score. Still, the cast and crew have me very curious, and I'm hoping against hope that this will be a hit (and not the final nail in the coffin of the film musical that's already been hammered by The Producers, Rent, and The Phantom of the Opera).

Apocalypto (Epic, Mayan, violent, shrouded in mystery) - I'm basically a sucker for anything Mel. And after his insane, should-have-been-a-disaster (and-flop) Passion of the Christ I just have to see what he's up to.

Flags of Our Fathers/Red Sun,Black Sand (Clint Eastwood's World War II epic two-fer) I loved Million Dollar Baby, and am very curious to see Eastwood do epic.

Anyone else?

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Overworm said...

I really want to see all three of those. I'm nervous about DREAMGIRLS because I have a feeling that any movie with Beyonce attached to it is doomed to be terrible, a la any movie with Madonna in it.

I'm really hyped about APOCALYPTO because I love period movies with a lot of violence and an epic scope. This one could be pure drek, but I have hopeful feelings about it.

I hadn't heard of the Eastwood movie and I have seen more than enough WWII movies for my lifetime, but he hasn't let me down yet. I'll give it a shot, probably on DVD. In fact, I'll probably watch them all on DVD and not in the theater. I rarely get to the theater any more (4 year old, y'know). I'll get out for SUPERMAN RETURNS, and I caught X-MEN at a drive-in, but I can't envision squeezing in more than one more non-children's movie this year.

Tosy And Cosh said...

I feel your pain (twin two-year olds). Saw X-Men III, might see Superman, and maybe a film with the wife before Christmas. That'll probably be it in the theater. (It's also why I've seen Munich, Brokeback Mountain, Good Night Good Luck, and The New World in the last month or so.)