Monday, June 13, 2005

Fall of the X-Men?

I loved, loved, loved X-Men 2 (I refuse outright to acknowledge that hideous, marketing-hell two-character title by typing it) and thought the original X-Men film was a very good first film for an ongoing series, if a little skeletal on its own. The good folks at Ain't It Cool News have put up a lengthy, detailed look at the third film in the series, including some very interesting material on the internal studio politics that led to Bryan Singer, who helmed the first two so successfully, to leave for the new Superman film. It's heavy on the spoilers, but not on any real final, "this-is-how-the-movie-ends" stuff, so click over to read it at your own discretion. I will say this--it's left me hesitant about this new film, which we should see, for better or worse, in a little less than a year.

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