Monday, August 18, 2003

As a movie music fan, I found the headline to this San Francisco Gate article somewhat alarming: "What's that sound? You may think it's an orchestra, but most movie music is scored electronically." However, after reading the article, that headline seems awfully misleading. The article is really more about how many composers today use software and sequencers to write scores and first hear how they sound. Nowhere in the article does it really say that the actual, final score to many films isn't played on "real" instruments any more. Actually, apart from Hans Zimmer explaining that his scores tend to be performed by mostly electronic instruments, there's no mention of films using "virtual" orchestras. What's worse, by mentioning electronic coummnication methods used by Howard Shore and Peter Jackson on The Lord of the Rings series, the article makes it seem, at first blush, that the Rings score is performed electronically, when I'm pretty damn sure it's almost all acoustic instruments and voices - real.

Anyone getting anything different from the article?

Until whenever.

PS - As I get more used to this whole blogging thing, and I start to build up more posts, I, naturally enough, am starting to wonder if anyone is reading this. Lacking the desire/will/know-how to see how many hits this experiment is actually getting, I'd love to hear from any readers, should any exist - there's an e-mail link in the upper right hand corner; I'd love for some feedback from anyone who might be out there.

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