Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lost Season Four, Episode One - Three by Three

Three things I liked about the first episode of season four of Lost.
  • That they hit the ground running, moving the action forward right from where they left off. No sidebars, no digressions.
  • The flash-forward. This bodes well for what they are going to try and accomplish with these last three seasons - giving us information about what happens in the future that answers some questions while raising others.
  • Jorge Garcia. The man desereves some real Emmy love. Of all the "character A reacts to news of character B's death"s they've done, his was the most convincning. And when he took it upon himself to tell Claire, and then broke down doing so? The man is for real.

Three things I did not like about the first episode of season four of Lost.

  • The "character A is killed but not really" trick is getting WAY overused.
  • I know the island healed Locke, but he DID get gutshot. I'd like to see some acknowledgment of this.
  • In spirit of moving things foward, the characters are moving around the island a little too easily. In the season finale it was a big hike out to the tower; here, the journey back seemed a bit easy.

And one more note. I posted here last year about my pet Lost theory - that the electromagnetic anomoly the hatch was dampening has the ability to affect probability fields - which would explain the interconnectedness of all the castaways. My thought - when Hurley plays Jack in Horse, is it a clue that Hurley makes all his shots? Is a byproduct of his island time, or how they got off, extremely good luck (the opposite of the bad luck he experienced after he won the lottery)?

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