Monday, February 11, 2008

Three by Three
Three things I liked about Knocked Up.
  • The dynamic between the immature housemates Rogen's character breaks free from. The vulgar, mocking, endlessly abusive relationships struck me as very real - I have had relationships like that with other guys and I have seen it in others.
  • The Rudd-Mann marriage, which was portrayed as neither a comedic nightmare or bliss, but as a real marriage - lots of stress and clashing that never quite masks the fact that these two people work together.
  • The looseness - the movie may have been a tad long, but I'd rather that then a movie that rushes through its character beats.

Three things I did not like about Knocked Up.

  • The film never really convinced me that these two people would fall in love. I believed the distaste the Heigl character showed the morning after their hookup, but I didn't really believe her falling for him - not because of looks, or body size, but because she seemed so put off by his lack of ambition and crassness. It's an example of where the film took the easy way out by trying to let a montage do the heavy lifting of showing us these two people falling in love. It didn't work.
  • The "my gynecologist is at a bar mitzvah" plot machinations. I know drama needs conflict, but this felt engineered.
  • The Vegas sequence - not sure what the whole "mushroom" thing really added, in the end.

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