Thursday, February 22, 2007

Random Top Ten

Random Top Ten!

Top Ten Meals

Defined for these purposes as the "top ten dinner meals I most look to order at restaurants or eat with the family." No sandwiches, no snacks, no desserts, no fast food, but real meals.

10 - Pasta with Mushrooms
A restaurant by me does a wonderful job with this simple dish. An abundance of different mushroom types is the key.

9 - Eggplant Parmigiana
Love Mom's and Wife's homemade versions the best. Which is better? Like I'd ever say!

8 - Gnocchi with Red Clam Sauce
A regular Italian haunt when I lived in Morris county had a mix and match pasta and sauce option, which is where I first sampled this odd combo. Alas a good gnocchi is dismayingly hard to come by.

7 - Chicken Marsala
The wife makes a sublime rendition with baby bellas.

6 - Steak
Not that picky about the cut, really. Just a good steak.

5 - Crawfish Etoufee
The Jose Tejas' version is sublime. Sweet, sweet crayfish.

4. Fish Specials
A cheat, I know. But I'm always eager to try a good fish dish and like pretty much all kinds and all types of preparations. My favorite part of hearing the specials read.

3. Rack of Lamb
There's an old steakhouse in New York that, or so I've heard tell, serves a gargantuan and sublime "mutton (really lamb) chop that I'm dying to try.

2. Blackened Swordfish
A really fresh, not-long-out-of-the-sea swordfish steak hot off the iron and sizzling.

1. Braised Lamb Shank
A favorite local restaurant often has this on their menu, and it's my favorite meal. The lamb meat verily drips off the bone, and the accompanying ragu is only there as a coating. Meaty goodness.

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