Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Random Top Ten

Random Top Ten!!

Top Ten Simpsons Musical Numbers

Ground rules - no new lyrics to existing songs (so now "Talkin' Baseball," for example), but only new music and lyrics considered:

10 - "Baby on Board" - "Baby on board, how I've adored,/That sign on my car's windowpane"

9 - "Capital City" - "It's the kind of place that makes a bum feel like a king./And it makes a king feel like some nutty, cuckoo, super-king"

8 - "Senor Burns" - "So I'll settle my score on the salsa floor/With this vengeful Latin rhythm"

7 - "We Do (the Stonecutter's Song)" - "Who holds back the electric car?/Who makes Steve Gutenberg a star?/We do! We do!"

6 - "The Monorail Song" - "But Main Street's still all cracked and broken/Sorry, Mom, the mob has spoken!"

5 - "Springfield! Springfield!" - "Let's go crazy, Broadway style!"

4 - "Stop the Planet of the Apes" - "What's wrong with me?/I think you're crazy/I want a second opinion/You're also lazy"

3 - "Simpsoncalifragilisticexpliala(Annoyed Grunt)Cious" - "And so, let us leave/On this heartwarming scene/Can I be a boozehound?/Not till you're fifteen."

2 - "An Amendment to Be" - "There's a lot of flag-burners/Who've got too much freedom/I want to make it legal/For policemen to beat'em/'Cause there's limits to our liberties/At least I hope and pray that there are/'Cause those liberal freaks go too far. "

1 - "Oh Streetcar!" - "You can always depend on/The kindness of strangers/To pluck up your spirits/And shield you from dangers/Now here's a tip from Blanche you won't regret/A stranger's just a friend you haven't met/You haven't met/STREETCAR!"

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