Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Random Top Ten!!

Random Top Ten!

Random Top Ten Drinks

(Disclaimer - I don't drink alcohol)

10. Good Coffee Milkshake - I love me a good milkshake.

9. Coke Zero - My current favorite soft drink. For once the "it tastes just like the real thing" marketing crap ain't.

8. Virgin Pina Colada - Coconut and pineapple are just so happy together. They're the couple you'd be shocked to hear divorced.

7. Coconut Yoo-Hoo - Not the coconut-flavored chocolate Yoo-Hoo, but the old-school, just coconut flavor. Haven't had it in, literally, decades.

6. Coffee - An essential ingredient to the day.

5. Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha - Would be an essential ingredient of the day if it a) weren't $5 a pop and b) weren't damn unhealthy.

4. Chocolate Milk - Cold chocolate milk in a clear glass, made with whole milk and Quik. One of life's most elegant pleasures.

3. Orange Juice - I often imagine this is what the nectar of the Gods must have tasted like.

2. Grape Juice - I've always loved grape-flavored things, and this is my favorite of them. Just purply goodness in every drop.

1. Dole Orchard Peach Juice - I wish juices didn't have calories. I really wish this one didn't. Like drinking a wonderfully ripe and sunny peach. Damn, now I want some.

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