Friday, January 25, 2008

Three and Three

Warning: Three and Three contains spoliers

Three things I liked about Superbad
  • That they nailed so well the scene at the end where the Cera and Hill characters admit how much they will miss each other when they go to college, and how they really do love each other. When teenaged girls separate, tears are, if not expected, certainly understood, but if male friends feel emotional towards each other the flags go up. I like that the film addressed this directly, and that it did so without feeling false or obvious.
  • That the cops have been playing with McLovin throughout - their seeming naivete was a bit unbelievable
  • The performance by Hill - his terror at being abandoned by Cera in September, showing itself through increasing frustration at Cera not having his back was much more finely wrought than you might imagine. That said, he nailed the boisterous funny fat kid stuff perfectly.

Three things I did not like about Superbad

  • The "beer in the detergent bottle" bit. Panicked as he was, I just didn't buy that Hill would think he could bring soapy beer to the party.
  • Some of the contrivances - Hill having his car towed ended up not really making that much of a difference in the end.
  • Some of the cops' broader moments. Humoring the kid because they remember being kids, and because he did get punched by a robber, sure. Letting him fire a gun? Not sure.

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