Monday, April 02, 2007

Random Top Ten

Random Top Ten!!

Top Ten Superheroes

10. Beast - I've always had a propensity for those "super-agile" heroes. I guess some unformed part of my psyche always wanted to be a gymnast.

9. Daredevil - The "blind" angle should really by all rights be a lot cheesier than it is. Not sure how they pulled that off.

8. Wolverine - A canny creation that has probably been overused to the point of no return at this stage. Still, it's not his fault.

7. Superman - The foundation from which all else sprung. I put in my fair share of hours running around the house with a bath towel tucked into my shirt for a cape.

6. Batman - The gadgets angle could get contrived really quick, but the iconography of the character (the costume, the cave, the origin) is hard to beat.

5. Iron Man - I used to daydream about having an Iron Man suit in a briefcase that I carried with me. I love the character, but the "technology is magic" angle can get overused - whatever they have going know with his armor being some kind of liquid that comes out of his skin is clearly over the top.

4. Green Arrow - Inerrant marksmanship is just cool as all get out. It's why Bullseye is one of my favorite villains.

3. The Flash - He's always been my favorite DC superhero and I've never quite understood why Marvel has never been able to tap into superspeed as an elemental power in as cool a way as DC.

2. Spider-Man - Dress up as Spider-Man for Halloween. Had a Spider-Man cake. Religiously watched The Electric Company, mostly for Spider-Man. I was hooked as a little one.

1. Captain America - Anyone have the over/under on when his "death" becomes less-than-permanent? The good Captain has always (well, since I started reading comics anyway; as a wee lad my favorite Superhero would likely have been Spider-Man) been my favorite. Not really sure why; some combination of the moral certitude, the indestructible shield, the status as the world's greatest fighter, and that iconic costume just always spoke to me.

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